Saturday, 5 March 2011

Prints and Stuart Needlework - Close Companions - and Cathedral Close Accommodation

I always love exploring cathedral closes - they are a world to themselves. And one of the most beautiful is at Salisbury. If you are touring the UK, Salisbury is a must visit place. Not only for the spectacular cathedral with perhaps the most perfect spire, its fabulous town and shops, but also the museum and Mompesson House within the close. Mompesson is a National Trust Property and on a summer's day, there is no better cream tea in a more idyllic setting to enjoy than in the garden here. In the house there are also small examples of stumpwork which were possibly made for a casket. Here you can see a panel of Abraham with Ishmael and Hagar in the wilderness. Ishmael seems to have taken a tumble! Such Stuart scenes were often influenced by biblical prints with traceable sources.
However, this is the only panel I know of to date (perhaps you know of others?) which actually incorporates such a print. Here you can see Abraham is a collage figure that has been tinted and glued to the fabric ground.
And here you can see Hagar who has a stitched face and body, more in line with what is normally seen on a panel of this date.
And, for the full cathedral experience, you can enjoy B&B in Sarum College, right in the close, (imagine wakening up on a Sunday morning here....). The rooms are pleasant student rooms and work out at around £70 for a twin room per night. The college has around 40 rooms and also makes a splendid symposium or meeting venue - or possibly a stitching retreat? Click here for more details.

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