Wednesday 2 March 2011

Oh Joy Oh Joy! Wonderful Finishes from Linda and Patti

I knew it was going to be a wonderful day when I saw some of your finishes arriving in my mail box. But this is incredible - a finished Marianne Wenn already. Linda must have flying fingers to have finished so quickly. Linda is a dear Friend of Ackworth School Samplers and she stitches the most beautiful items for everyone to enjoy. Although we are far flung, the friendships built at Ackworth School over two Christmas gatherings, remain firm. Linda will be taking a class with the Carolina Sampler Guild in a couple of months. In case you missed the Marianne Wenn Sampler from Norwich Museum, here is the link again. All proceeds go to sampler conservation at Norwich. Philippa Sims says she is so grateful for all the support you have shown for the museum by buying the sampler charts.
And Linda has completed this other mini sampler, again from Norwich. I think it works perfectly as a little braid bordered panel, don't you? If you missed the Jessy Lambert sampler, just click here for more details.
Another braided panel from Linda, and this time it was a free Needleprint download. This design always makes me smile. When he was getting on, my father's hearing failed. I usually talk in a soft voice and one day while we were pottering around an art gallery (my father was a keen amateur painter) he said something which really touched me, so I said to him, 'I love you, Dad'. 'What's that? What did you say? Didn't catch it. Speak up.' So, I took a deep breath and in the middle of this crowded gallery, came as close to shouting as I ever have, 'I love you Dad.' I think we both blushed! In case you missed this free download, just click here for the PDF.
Take a bow, Patti from Denver, you should be so proud. Patti has finished her Mary Wigham and it is a treasure indeed. The initials have been colour coded. Patti says, All the left side facing is my dad's family - the right my mom's. Along the bottom are my siblings and above them my kids and their fathers. The top has my initials with my current husband's and my REAL Grandfather on my dad's side and so on.. Patti printed a sheet out with all the descriptions and placed them in an envelope in the back of the frame along with the story of Mary. Patti is a member of the Sampler Guild of the Rockies and Mary Wigham is the group Stitchalong. Thank you very much for supporting the Ackworth School Sampler Collection, ladies. Do say Hello to Patti via her blog: Here is the link to the free Mary Wigham download, we simply request you make a donation to support the preservation of these historic pieces. Click here.

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  1. Beautiful pieces and beautiful ways to finish and frame them.