Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Charity Opens in Each Heart A Little Heaven

This is the closing line on Jane Oxley's sampler. Though in appearance like an Ackworth sampler and despite the association of Oxley's with Ackworth School, no Jane Oxley appears in the register of scholars. This is, however, a Quaker sampler, presumably from some other school - or perhaps stitched at home. It is for auction tomorrow at Clifford Cross Auctions in Wisbech - a place which has close historical association with Quaker banking families. If you are interested you need to contact the auction house quickly to register: Tel - 44 (0)1945584200 or email

And to open in our hearts a little heaven, and in the hearts of those whose lives and families have been swept away by the Tsunami, we remember the victims in Japan.

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