Thursday 17 March 2011

Thomas Trevilion's Cap Designs 1608 - View Folger Library On-Line

Although many of Thomas Trevilian's (born around 1548) drawings in his hand drawn and coloured Commonplace Book were largely copies from other sources, his drawings for professional embroiderers and other craftsmen are well known for their brilliant design. There are a number of designs for gentlemen's caps of which the above is just one. These caps were made in four joined sections for the crowns - the design in the upper half of the drawing. The bands below would have been choices for a wider or narrower turned brim.

There are a number of other designs for embroidery - such as this coiling all-over design. And you can peruse Thomas' entire book, page by wonderful page, in the On-line Folger Collection. It is essential viewing for lovers of old embroidery and design. Just click here to visit.

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