Thursday 10 March 2011

Buona Sera Le Amiche and Kazuko Aoki!

If you are going to be in Milan in May, then be sure not to miss Threads and Flowers from 14-22 May which will feature the distinctive and wonderful designs of the great Gerda Bengtsson. Click here for more details. News of this event set me thinking about who are the Gerda Bengtsson's of today with simple and truthful contemporary designs. One I can think of is Kazuko Aoki whose lovely designs and books you can see below.
This design is called Pressed Red Flowers and is one of my favourites.

The books are magical - with stunning photography. You can import them from Japan from Select English Language if you don't know Japanese, enter Kazuko's name as the search term to see all her works. You can order from Amazon in Japan as easily as you would from your own country's Amazon.

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  1. These are definitely beautiful. Beautiful international representations ....our symbols illustrate a difference...the message remains the same.