Saturday 13 March 2010

Sophie Digard in the V&A Shop

There's a lot of reasons to be doorstepping the V&A Museum in London, not least because of their Quilt Exhibition which opens next week - of which more later. Take a large bag with you and be prepared to fill it with the lovely items now in their shop. I love these millefiori crocheted scarves by Sophie Digard and thought you might be entranced by them also. If you can't get to the V&A shop, you can buy on-line - see here.

Sophie also crochets neck garlands and makes decorative flowers to embellish your favourite outfits. Here you can see some of her flowers decorating the edge of another scarf.
The scarves are in fine merino wook and linen and seem perfect for every mood and occasion. But can you stop at one!
If you live in the USA you can purchase from here. If you live in Japan, buy from here. If you are going to the V&A in the near future - take the underground tunnel walkway to the museum and don't try to walk the streets above. There is the mummy of all roadworks between South Kensington tube station and the V&A which is confusing, noisy and very dirty underfoot.


  1. The scarfs are absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing...

  2. Beautiful creations. I like them.

  3. I'll be going in June. I wonder if there'll be any left lol. x

  4. I hope so Hazel - but you can buy on-line from the V&A shop - I have just updated the blog post with a link to the V&A shop - thank you for giving me that nudge.

  5. Jacqueline,

    There is another place one can get the scarfs - it's where I got mine! It's called The French Needle and it is here in the US.

    Here is the link:

    The ones that they have are different from the other sites in that they are in a different pattern and color way. I have the "Edelweiss 4" scarf. :)

    Hope it's not a problem for me to post the link?, please edit this post if necessary.


  6. That is helpful - since these are handmade items supplies are bound to be limited. Do you love your Edelwiss 4?

  7. Jacqueline,

    Oh yes! I love mine very much! :) Wish I had enough money to get another scarf...they are just scrumptious!

    I was suprised by how light the scarf was, I expected it to be heavy, like the way most scarfs are, or tend to be.

    That being said, there were two reasons for my getting the scarf.

    One reason was that the colors matched a painted/paper mache wooden box, a round one, that comes from India, and the other reason is because I love the song "Edelweiss" from The Sound of Music film.


  8. Found this blog and this particular article through a Google search for this artist - wonderful ! I love your Blog - it is just for my heart and soul !

  9. You are I can´t describe what I feel when I look at your pieces of art!!!!! Awesome!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!! you are an inspiration!!!!