Wednesday 31 March 2010

Indiana University Library Quaker Friendship Quilt

While reseaching the collection in the University of Indiana Library, I thought it would be a pity to stop at samplers, so I entered Quilt in the Search box to see what came up - and what came up was this joyful Quaker Friendship Quilt.
Each quilt block is signed by its maker, sometimes with a verse, a dedication or a name. This block is particularly interesting for its inked drawing of log cabin and flag above the signature.
And it would be wrong to assume that it is purely women's work, as this block by Silas Warner makes clear.
I really love these mordant resist madder dyed cloths with a splash of eastern influence for their painterly designs and warm, rich tones, don't you?


  1. Thanks for posting this great quilt photo. I love the little print fabric in the detail. Many of these old patterns are being reproduced for quilters today, they are a joy to work with. Maybe this very print will turn up again one day.

  2. I just love seeing the work that was done by those needle-lovers who came before us. Thanks for sharing this amazing piece!

  3. What a special, very beautiful quilt !

  4. I just discovered your blog and very much appreciate the effort you go to present interesting and educational material. However, the university's name is "Indiana University" not "University of Indiana."