Friday 12 March 2010

Can't You See I Have a Headache, Dear?

When you have a headache do you suffer in silence or do you have a good old growl to let people know? Well, a dainty remedy is at hand to ensure oodles of sympathy for your sufferings while you maintain a demure and saintly resignation.
Here it is - a headache band. In the early 20th century, it was thought that "a smooth but strong band applied tightly around the head to compress dilated blood vessels would provide relief of migraine headache pain." While this hand-crocheted headache band of blue cotton floss, bordered all around with ivory cotton lace and trimmed with three silk ribbon flowers cannot be guaranteed to take away your misery, it will enable others to deal appropriately with your fragile state. Come to think of it - you could have a colour-coded set to signal not only headache, but mild grump and full-throttle madness. Keep one of each in your handbag for those arduous shopping trips. You can make your own, or buy this one from Vintage Textiles.


  1. Not as old-fashioned as you might think. Check this case study at Web MD:

    The pretty ones almost look like fancy garters, don't they?

  2. How interesting! They also remind me of the white lace bands tea-time waitresses used to wear - did that help them fend off headaches caused by the din of tea-cups, clattering spoons and chatterers dropping names?

  3. This makes perfect sense to me. One of the things that gives me relief from migraines is having pressure on my temples and across the bridge of my nose, usually I just use some fabric or a sheet, but this is much nicer.

  4. Well, this doesn't works for me :( I can not resist any type of presure on my head or nose bridge while I have a migraine; I can even wear my glasses that are so lightweight made from titanium.

    After suffering migraines for more than 33 years, my family knows I have one just looking at me :)