Sunday 21 March 2010

Race for Life

Some of you may have noticed I have been quieter and busier this year than before - and that in part has to do with having attended not four weddings and a funeral, but five funerals and a wedding. Three of our friends died with cancer, other friends of ours still live with cancer. I know some of you have also lost loved ones or have loved ones living with cancer. And you will know how the treatment of cancer has changed out of all recognition to that available just twenty years ago. When I was young no-one spoke the dreaded word. Once a neighbour came to tea who, it was rumoured, had cancer. After she left, my mother disinfected the house and the tea cup and tea saucer were broken and buried in the garden, such was the total lack of understanding of this tragic illness in those days. Now, even if the disease does not go into remission with treatment, precious years are added to lives of mothers and fathers, children and grandchildren so that they might have time to know each other more. And the work continues. And people continue to raise money so that the work can continue. And miracles do happen every day. You might like to sponsor Lucy who is running to raise money for Cancer Research by clicking on the panel on the side-bar - or perhaps you might find a way of becoming involved in fund-raising yourself.


  1. Jacqueline, I am so sorry to hear of your sad news, to lose so many friends of cancer in such a short time, it must be very hard to bear. My thoughts are with you.


  2. Sorry to hear of your news. Cancer is such a horrid creature, thankfully many advances have been made in the understanding and treatment. I was curious about the teacup and saucer being broken and buried, does that stem from an older tradition or was it just something your mother did on her own?

  3. Thank you for your thoughts. I think my mother just believed that you could catch cancer from tea-cups - and she was frightened...