Sunday 7 March 2010

Anne Cannizzaro's Finished Mary Wigham

Well done Anne! Anne has added her name and the year of completion to her Mary Wigham in a very stylish manner - there can be no doubt at all for ages to come that this sampler is a joyful replica. Replica samplers like replica antique furniture and old master prints are only in rare circumstances created to deceive purchasers at auction, and then one would hope that an educated appraiser would be able to spot the new from the antique. For the most part replicas are created so that everyone and not just those few with wealth to spare can enjoy having items of beauty and inspiration for themselves and their families in their own homes.


  1. I think the other way most of us have changed the "replica" into an "original" is by using the initials of our own families -- that is what I did, though I can't finish my Mary yet as we have another grandchild due in early May, and I will certainly wait for her arrival so I can add in her initials!

  2. Another beautiful Mary! Congrats Anne!!

  3. wonderful!!! brava Anne!