Friday 19 March 2010

Heartfelt Roses from Waveney Embroiderers' Guild

I couldn't believe my eyes when I entered the Friends' Meeting House in Beccles on Wednesday to talk to the Waveney Branch of the Embroiderers' Guild. There was an entire display table smothered with the most beautifully stitched bonnets destined for the Roses from the Heart installation. In case you haven't heard, the aim of this project is one of empathy for the 25,266 women who were transported between 1788 - 1853 from the UK to Australia often for minor crimes that required pity more than punishment. I wish you could have been there to see the Waveney Guild bonnets also - and have the opportunity, as I did, to enjoy the warmth and interest - and sheer passion for stitching - of the many Waveney Guild members. Take a bow Waveney stitchers!

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