Sunday 14 February 2010

Where My Heart Is

My heart is ever with my family, friends and home, but if I were to send a secret Valentine today it would be to the moorlands and coast of North Yorkshire. To walk the Jurassic cliffs above the Alum coast between Ravenscar and Sandsend; poking about in Boggle Hole and Robin Hood's Bay for jet on the beach; spying from afar the huge ruins of Whitby Abbey where 1500 years ago, led by the Abbess Hilda, a common dating for the feast of Easter was agreed; warming up with scalding cod and chips in the Magpie by the Fish Market in Whitby; or a brew of Resolution Tea and buttered Yorkshire Brack at Elizabeth Botham's in the high town; humming along to 'Oh You New York Girls Can't You Dance the Polka?' played by the squeeze-box man in the old town, browsing in the local history book store, before taking to the high scars again, that is my love. And when the wind from the east cuts clean as a cheesewire or the rain flings stinging hot needles at your face, then it is up to Raven Hall at Ravenscar for a glass of Taddy ale by an open fire and maybe later some roast beef, horseradish and Yorkshire pudding in the restaurant overlooking a coast so grand, a single gaze can never be wide enough. The next time you visit Whitby Museum to see the samplers, spend a few days, whatever the weather, and take a little time to explore - your heart will find a special home.


  1. I love Whitby too and have visited many times. In fact, one of the first things I see every morning is a Frank Sutcliffe photograph of the Kirkcaldy fishing fleet in Whitby Harbour with the Abbey in the background. I live in Kirkcaldy so I like to think that the boats came safely home.
    Recently I was asked where was the exotic location in the picture and they were surprised to learn it was Whitby.
    From your description of the wind and the rain I could feel it just as it was when I last went to visit the Abbey - dramatic weather for a dramatic setting!

  2. Well said - I love it too!!

  3. Lovely post! Your descriptions make me wish I was there and the pictures are beautiful!

  4. What a beautiful post, would you ever "settle" there in future years, you describe it in a way that makes me feel as though I am there.

    I just love your blog and "Thank you" for keeping so many wonderful pieces of our history alive...and for all that you do for your stitchy sisters. We love you and Mary Wigham, among others.

    Happy Valentine's Day
    Ma Teakettle

  5. Lovely post and great pictures too! Oh to be in England...

  6. Wow reading your post I was taken away to a very beautiful and romantic place,,,Beautiful pictures...and Happy Valentines day to you..

  7. It is surely a special blessing to find the place on earth where your soul is at peace and your senses are alive with possibilities! Happy Valentines Day to you and the family of readers you have brought together.

  8. How beautiful your pics are! There are many places in England that I love dearly...from Londons docklands to the peaceful village of Market Rasen in Lincolnshire. A piece of my heart is always there, no matter where I am. Thank you for showing me more beautiful places I must visit in the future...