Thursday, 4 February 2010

Getting the Most Out of the V&A Sampler Collection

I mentioned a little while ago that the Victoria and Albert Museum in London has many collections on line, including the sampler collection. So you can click here to browse the images. However, I wonder if you discovered that you could do a little more than that, you can create a PDF library of the collection. Here is how you do it. Choose a sampler that interests you and then click View Details.

That will give you a new page with some sampler details, now find the button for Download PDF version and click on that.

Then you will be able to download a fact sheet. You can either print it out or, better and greener, combine all your downloaded PDFs into one document to create your own reference book.


  1. I visited the V&A Museum a few years ago and loved the way I was able to view their samplers with ease. Thank you for sharing these samplers and the information as to how to place them in our computers for any time viewing.

  2. Dear Jacqueline,

    many thanks for your post on the V&A Museum.
    Your suggestions are very useful and interesting!

    Have a nice day!