Monday 22 February 2010

Tea for Two?

Julie and Becky of A Company of Friends are addicted to tea parties and when I saw these dresses coming up for auction by Karen Augusta, I knew they would be just perfect for their next extravaganza when Julie is over her bout of flu. (Get well soon, Julie.) The tea dresses - how wonderful to dress for tea! - are of ecru lace and sprigged embroidered muslin.
Here you can see the filet lace entre deux which at one point has been smothered in a cascade of embroidered blooms.
I am glad that Thé Dansants are on the up, the Hotel Scribe in Nice holds them weekly. There was a special café in Cambridge - now Waterstone's Bookstore - which held Thé Dansants. If you are in Waterstone's in Cambridge, go up to the top floor and jump up and down, the floor is still sprung from the time in the war when it was called 'The Dorothy'. It is still remembered with much affection by sprightly silver ladies. Our daughter-in-law with her company, Cat That Got The Cream, arranges traditional tea parties for christenings, baby-showers, and hen-parties using vintage cutlery and crockery.

Girls hanging out - but in what style. These lace summer blouses are exquisite.

What really caught my eye are the wonderful, finely crocheted Irish flowers which give this blouse its wonderful texture and opulence - just how long would it have taken to crochet those flowers? And who would have made them? You have until March 24th to save your pennies to go shopping at Karen Augusta's auction.


  1. OH Jacqueline, they are goregeous! I can just imagine and beautiful tea party in one of these pretties!

    It has me in the mood for tea, I must look for a new place to try ;0
    Thanks for sharing
    Becky in WA (In The Company of Friends)

  2. What beautifule dresses! How grand it would be indeed to wear one!

  3. Beautiful lace and crochet work.