Saturday 20 February 2010

New Vierlander Motif Library I

Ever since my eyes swam madly through the densely patterned German Vierlander samplers which originate from around the marshy flood plains of the Elbe river, I have been hooked. For the last 7-8 years I have been compiling a 'dictionary' of motifs from the Vierlander repertoire, hoping to connect them with motifs from other distinct groups. It is interesting to compare their symmetry and positioning on samplers with Quaker motifs. However, no link has yet been found to establish any relationship between the two groups. There are Vierlander samplers that remain partially completed and on those samplers the motifs are only half stitched, rather like some Ackworth motifs, however, there is always space allocated next to the Vierlander half-motifs to accommodate a completed motif. Like some Ackworth and Groninger samplers, the Vierlander samplers display a large proportion of monochrome examples. Usually worked in thread dyed black with high ferruginous content, the black has often aged by rusting to dark brown - or in some cases - the threads have corroded and disappeared completely. The first set of motifs is now available as a PDF and JGG download - just click here to browse or buy.

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  1. What can I say......another beautiful set of motifs that set my mind racing on what I can do. Now all I need is some more hours in the day.