Monday 1 February 2010

Thank You 300,000 Times!

Thank you for all your 300,000 visits. I so enjoy sharing your love of stitching.


  1. Every day I visit your blog and I´m from Spain.
    It is the best blog

  2. You are so welcome. It has also been a bonus for me also. I have always loved going to museums and looking at the textiles. My all time favorite pass time but with the economy I haven't been able to. I have loved this site and all the information I have learned. Its great to have access to such wonderful information. Keli

  3. the thank you's should be the other way around for all you have done for the stitching community. for your incredible knowledge and all you share.
    Thank You Jacqueline!

  4. Jacqueline,

    My visits here are never dull. You are a gem in the world of needlework!