Monday 1 February 2010

Celle - Paradise Lost?

I think just about all sampler-lovers know about the Stickmuster Museum in Celle, Germany by now - it is the place virtuous stitchers go to when they die. And if they are very lucky, they get to go there in this life-time also. It was one of the most memorable museum tours I have ever made and the memory still makes me lament that, given all the wonderful samplers we have in this country, there is no dedicated, accessible and sympathetic space for displaying samplers and other stitched items in the UK. February is the traditional reopening of the museum at Celle. But this year the future of the museum does not look as straightforward as once it was. The Connemans who own the collection have now retired, and now we all have to wait and hold our breath to see what will happen to this world class needlework collection. Please keep praying that this stitcher's paradise will not be lost.


  1. A wonderful place indeed, as is the town of Celle itself.


  2. Oh my! I wish I could visit there!

  3. What a lovely collection of samplers! Oh how I wish I could go...

  4. What a special place, oh my gosh i am only thinking positive thoughts i can't imagine that it will go away before i even get to visit it.

  5. It would be an absolute loss for the sampler world if the Celle Stickmuster museum will not continue. I still remember when the museum started in Buxtehude,it was quite a small museum, and Celle was a big improvement, the Palace where the samplers are housed is just breathtaking and the town of Celle is definately worth a visit, you go back in time there.
    Sorry to hear you will not be in Paris J, will miss you :-))

  6. It is paradise ! I am from Germany and it is a distance of three hours for me. The first time my husband came with me and made a five hour picnic in front of the museum eating, sleeping and reading. So I had a wonderful time in the museum and he had that outside in the sun.
    The second visit I made alone on a wonderful winter day. I spent nearly 6 hours there, and I had two (completely different) guided tours. Every guide had his personnel main points and it was excellent. After that hours I was full of intensive feeling for all those stitchers who stitched all the love and all the feelings in their work. I went back to my bus and I was
    crying many tears because of all I had seen. It was the heaven for me.
    This place has to be safed and I hope there will be someone to do so.

    Liebe Grüße aus Deutschland von
    (one of the faithful friends of this blog)

  7. It would be a shame if this museum can not be saved. So...Jacqueline...what do you think the world sampler community could do to help this museum to stay open and alive? Is there anything that can be done?


  8. I was fortunate enough to tour the Celle Museum and had Lorraine Mootz (Lori), give my husband and I a private tour and history of all of the wonderful samplers. We also had the pleasure of meeting the Elfi and viewing some of her samplers from her own private collection, that were for sale. It was my husband's and my 20th Anniversary and to my surprise, my husband purchased a lovely 1812 Leipzig sampler for me. We have friends from Leipzig, that have been coming for visit's, ever since the wall came down, so this sampler holds a special place for me. It would truly be a shame to silence this history. I would love to travel back to Celle and spend more time in the future, what a beautiful place and the Stickmuster Museum is the icing on the cake.


  9. I am not sure I have all the information yet - then I think it is a case of understanding the isues to know what to do for the best. I'll share what other news we get.