Saturday, 24 October 2009

Sofie Wang's Timeless Mary Wigham

Sofei Wang originally comes from Taiwan but has been living in Ohio, USA for about 10 years.
Sofei says, 'It is kind of interesting to meet Mary Wigham in this way - Ohio v.s. Ackworth School , 1790 v.s. 2009, Mary Wigham v.s. Sofei Wang. I remembered reading something about stitching a sampler before: If you’re doing a sampler, you’re doing something that’s TIMELESS.'

As you may notice, I put my full name, location and year of stitching at the bottom of the sampler. I used ecru to match my cream linen. This way, people may not notice it but I know exactly where I am. *__* I do enjoy stitching this project with some people from Taiwan and the stitchers from all over the world. Thank you again for your great and meaningful project … forever Mary Wigham.'
And forever a beautiful reminder. Congratulations Sofei!