Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Mary Wigham Taking the Sun in Fiji

Christine Weir sent me an image of her tropical Mary - she has been very inventive as well as creative. This is the story of Christine's Mary as told by Christine herself:
Like Viji, the lady in India, I too have been working on a version of the Mary Wigham sampler in a place where there is no LNS, and no reliable post. I am living and working in Fiji in the South Pacific, and like Viji, am a great fan of downloadable stitching patterns and information. When you started the Mary Wigham SAL I decided I'd like to join in, but I didn't have in my cache a large enough piece of linen. I did however have a smaller piece of 28 count evenweave, so decided to try a 'cut-down' version on that. I also had a reasonable supply of blue and green threads, so attached is a photo of the nearly completed 'mini Mary Wigham'. I felt the colours reflected the colours of the sea here. I've chosen to use the smaller motifs, though even they have proved to be a bit large, I feel. Still, it has been an interesting experiment. The gaps will be the places for the alphabet - and maybe some fish! The photo was taken during a weekend away at the beach in the Mamanuca Islands, in the western part of Fiji.
By Christine Weir


  1. Wow! What a great idea. I think I take my lns for granted... it may not have much... but it definately has what I need... good on Christine for doing a variation of the pattern to suit what she has there!

  2. How beautiful your Mary is!!! The blues and greens are really stunning! I think fish would be perfect with those colours. I`m so glad you found a way to join us Christine! One of my favorite parts of the stitch along has been watching stitchers from all over the world working on Mary in all the beautiful colour combinations.I can`t wait to see yours finished!