Friday, 23 October 2009

Free Download of Christmas Ornaments on a Quaker Theme by Designer Donna Hearn

It gladdens me greatly to see the designer in you coming out thanks to the Infinity charting software and motif sets. Here are lovely Christmas designs for a card and ornament created for you by Donna Hearn. For the PDF version click here.
For the editable JGG version click here. (Remember you need to choose Save (not Open) the download and then open it in Cross Stitch Designer.)
Have you created any designs you would like to share with the Needleprint Society?


  1. I've also been thinking how appropriate these motifs are for Christmas ornaments! And I've been playing around with designs - though converting the original cross stitch motifs to surface embroidery designs. I've only worked up two, but there are several combinations that I have in mind. I really love the infinity charts! They are a goldmine of inspiration, for any type of embroidery. I could see many of the motifs being perfect for crewel embroidery, silk shading, goldwork - so many possibilities!

    Here are links to the two motifs I converted to surface embroidery designs: