Sunday, 25 October 2009

Fabulous Finishes from Japan

The first of the fabulous finishes is Yu-san's which was stitched on Zweigart 32ct cream, using DMC 3371 815.The Japanese SAL members kept saying it was stitched in black, but in fact it is stitched in a dark brown - a yummy chocolate color. It is easier to see perhaps from the up-close photo. Yu-san says the Mary Wigham SAL will be THE most important event for her this year (if the next 3 months pass peacefully!) She says, 'I am filled with joy for having completed this large project, and feeling of thanks to Jacqueline-san and our Head Girl. By participating in this SAL, I have met many people who love stitching. As a cross stitch beginner, I got many kind advice and encouragement, which gave me energy and was able to find the joy of a finished project. Thank you so much for a wonderful project, and encounters with stitchers from around the world.'
This second lovely finish is by Makimaki-san, though the image has come through quite small. She used Zweigart 40ct Antique White with DMC threads over 2 giving a finished size of :35.5×37cm. Makimaki-san tell us, 'It was such a fun 3 months, although in the beginning I wondered if I could really finish this project. It was my first try at a 40 count linen, which only looked like a piece of cloth, and at the start my eyes could not adjust and wished I had chosen a larger count. But as I stitched the motifs one by one, my eyes got used to the count and I started enjoying myself greatly. But the fun was halted by the fact that, since I chose a linen which was whiter than the recommended one, the white and ecru motifs would not show up!
I decided to switch the colors, choosing from among the recommended palette. So I ended up with "colorful Mary". It is far from having an antique look, but I am happy with my Mary which is unique and only one in the world. I have memories of the 1 over 1 (Mary's name) the stitching was so tight, so I would forget where I was as I stitch,and I rearranged the zig-zag part evenly, and here is how it turned out. As memorandum, I stitched the year "2009" and my initial "M", in a very tight 1 over 1 (I did not stitch the flower part of the wreath.)

I would like to express my thanks for Jacqueline-san from Needleprint,our Head Girl, and other participants. I received (only received..)many inspirations and had so much fun working with everybody. I would not have finished this project if it were not for our Head Girl, Saho-san. I would like to frame this and hang it where it would always be seen. Although my SAL is finished, since many are now beginning to stitch, I would like to keep coming back to get more inspirations.
I don't know about you, but just looking at the beautiful detail stitching on both these samplers leaves me awe-struck.


  1. Both the samplers are beautiful, each in different ways. Such beautiful stitching ladies...congrats!!!

  2. Gorgeous Mary's, and they all look so different, congratulations Yu-san and Makimaki-san, I must get mine starting soon now :-)))