Thursday, 22 October 2009

Our Gifts to Palestine Have Arrived

You might remember that on 9 September we sent out a box of donated linen, thread and other items to Beit Sahour in the Palestinian Territories. I have been holding my breath ever since I saw our shipment stop dead in its tracks - it happens sometimes - but when it didn't move and still didn't move, I grew very concerned. Word came through at one stage that it was threatened with destruction and when my heart started beating again I just picked up the phone and started talking to people, and Richard and I stayed on the phone in relays pretty much for a week or so until we were able to get the shipment moving again. But it is a time for rejoicing now. The shipment of linen and threads is home safe and I hope that we shall be able to set up some stitchalongs with the stitchers of Beit Sahour, so we can learn a few tips and wrinkles from each other and have a good gossip!

The images above are courtesy of
Karen Augusta Auctions - these wonderful items, deaccessioned from US Museums, will be auctioned on 4 November in Manhattan.

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