Sunday 29 December 2013

Women For Women International * Helping Women Survivors Of War

Zarghuna was six when her family forced her to marry her nine-year-old cousin to settle a family dispute. Despite the initial hardship, she grew to love her husband and at 16 gave birth to a daughter. When her husband was suddenly killed, she twice tried to kill herself. She says: I had been feeling very depressed, and went to the hospital to seek treatment. The doctor advised me to connect with other women, so I could discuss with them my challenges and hear about the similar obstacles they were dealing with.. Using the business skills she learned through WFWI, and a £300 loan from a family member, Zarghuna started an embroidery business in Kabul which now employs 120 people. She recently invested just over £11,000 in machinery to expand the company, and says she has more than £18,500 in the bank. Her employees are women who work from their homes, which gives them the opportunity to contribute to their family's livelihood. To find out more about Women For Women International, just click here.

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