Tuesday, 10 December 2013

If Einstein Can Do It So Can You * Christmas Jumper Day * 13 December

Time to get out those fabulous kitsch woollies again! Lift your spirits, make people smile, wear a fun jumper on Christmas Jumper Day - 13 December - help save a child's life by donating £1 to Save the Children. Go on - you know you've really been wanting an opportunity to show off Auntie Edie's knitting since you put it for safekeeping at the back of the wardrobe.... Even better get your guild to dust their jumpers down and join the fun, or the people you work with, or your local church. Send me a picture of you wearing your jumper and I'll donate £1 to Save The Children, too! To find out more about the work of Save The Children and Christmas Jumper Day, just click here. At the last count they have raised £103,337.

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