Saturday 7 December 2013

Herb Pillow * Gawthorpe Hall Textile Collection

Gawthorpe Hall in Lancashire is home to famous Rachel Kay-Shuttleworth textile collection. This is intended as a teaching collection and items can be borrowed for educational purposes. While browsing some of the items in the collection I thought you might be interested to see this beautiful Elizabethan herb pillow which has one side complete and the reverse side designed and drawn ready for embroidery. This is so interesting because one might assume that the embroidered side was executed over a similar pattern to the one shown and so gives us insight into execution liberties and techniques. To visit Gawthorpe Hall and its textile collection, click here.


  1. Is the reverse side fixed to a frame?

  2. Not now, but it looks as though in the past it was - there are definitely rusty nail marks at regular intervals around the edge.