Saturday 14 December 2013

Hoop - La! LOL!

I am forever rescuing, liberating, ransoming embroidery hoops from jumble sales and charity stores. It is surely a mistake they are on a shelf there. Are they lost? Where are their friends? I inevitable take them under my wing. Now what? asks Richard, not unreasonably. I always promise a good use for them..... Now, Richard points out, maybe I am the one in need of rescue from my own good intentions as their population growth has gone slightly exponential while I was concentrating on other things. I have a feeling this book packaged together with some of my hoops might make a useful gift to the local Brownies run by our village postmistress.

1 comment:

  1. Based upon my experience as a Brownie way back in the 1950's in Virginia, I would think that there are lots of young girls who would love to have access to your hoops and the book.

    I think you've got a grand idea! xo