Friday, 8 March 2013

You Asked For A More Accessible Needleprint Web Site

And here you are - a more accessible Needleprint Website with all you need in the way of charts and books just one click away! Changing web-host and migrating all our files has been a huge task and we do thank you for your patience while this was happening. We shall now be running through the web-pages and bringing those up-to-date for you too! Our website is and you can visit by clicking here.


  1. Hi there,
    I tried to follow your link to see the new spread of patterns and etc...but it ended up going no where?
    Any ideas?
    Jeannie in

  2. Oh, I wonder why... we have tried everything we can think of - what browser are you using?
    Thank you for letting us know - but it is a puzzle....

  3. Hej I put a link on my site to your website, but it doesn't work.
    Not on Google Chrome and also on Mozilla.

  4. There is also our blog site for our items in case of difficulties:

    I'll investigate those browsers... thank you for letting me know Willy.