Thursday, 14 March 2013

The Delit Maille or Knit Your Daily News

Many thanks to Marie-Louise for bringing a smile to my face with news of this delicious French blog entitled Delit Maille (pronounced Daily Mail). Here you will find the latest news and some historical representation hot from the knitting needles. I have picked out some representations of past news, so these may not be current right now, but they were at the point of creation. First up we have royal mother-to-be Kate - the Duchess of Cambridge.
Goodness me - stear clear of the cakes, Kate, or those post natal exercises will go on for ever!
I blush to add a naked Prince Harry - but he is suitably edited for a family audience.
Nevertheless are privacy laws applied to knitted news - even when shown in soft focus?

And just so you are clear that there is no bias to this news, here is that ill-fated and mismatched royal couple Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette of France, post revolution. I know they always say, you'll feel better after a cuppa, but maybe tête à têtes like this are best avoided. To enjoy this wonderful knitted blog, just click here.

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