Friday, 22 March 2013

Musée des Tapisseries Aix-en-Provence -

I had a wonderful surprise in Aix-en-Provence this year. Every year, religiously, I have wandered up from the Saturday market about noon to visit the Bishop's Palace, to see if by some great miracle the Musée des Tapisseries would be open - and every year it has been closed. This year was definitely going to be the year I didn't even bother looking. But I had heard that something was happening in the Town Hall and went off to see - forgetting that the Town Hall was virtually across the way from the Musée des Tapisseries.

And would you credit it? This year it was open! And I had such delight climbing the stairs to the great halls to look at these magnificent tapestries - there is an exquisite set from Beauvais and their colour is so incredibly fresh it rather stops the heart to see. All this and it was free admission! It was one of those Finian's Rainbow moments - I hope 2013 will bring you some such special experience. Never give up hope. And should you be planning to visit this museum, do enquire ahead - it may not always be open! Here are the contact details for you.


  1. bonjour, mon Mary peacock's sampler progresse à vue d'oeil, voulez-vous que je vous en envoie une petite photo?

  2. Oh oui! Cliquez l'ange pour me l'envoyer.