Monday, 4 March 2013

Free Give Away Draw - Artist Marie Poizat's Recipes from Uzès

I really don't know if I should tell you about this place - I really want to keep it a secret, it is so special. But you are friends, after all, and how could I not share this little place of wonder with you? If you are in the South of France and are in the area of Avignon and visiting the famous Pont du Gard. Then do pop by and be astonished by Uzès. It was the location for Cyrano de Bergerac starring Gerard Depardieu.
It was in the market there I met artist Marie Poizat, who is also an avid cook. She combines her love of both by illustrating series of recipes. And it is one of her precious series of 10 recipe cards in a neat folder that I am offering as a giveaway this week. So, look away now if cooking isn't your thing. You can see more of Marie's recipes by clicking here.
Simply click on the flying angel below to enter and I'll announce a winner next week, 11 March 2013. Bonne Chance!

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