Tuesday 12 February 2013

Wholly Band Samplers

For auction by Charterhouse on 14/15 February, Lot 128 is described simply as a sampler, (some loss) 54 x 30 cm. Its estimate is £100 - £120. Apart from the obvious visible loss at the edges, it is possible that this beautiful sampler has lost some length. But beautiful it remains in spite of Time's abuse - and that of others. There is some belief that these samplers with inserted texts are early Quakers, but that really needs more research. Click here for more details.

Lot 522 for auction on 13 February at Brightwells is an embroidered sampler by Martha Lockier, aged 10, with date 1730. This sampler is from the same school as one in the Micheal and Elizabeth Feller Collection - F441 by Mary Batcheller dated 1738. This example is glazed and measures 18" x 9" and has an estimate of £200 - £300. Click here for more details.

Lot 4376 at Historia Auktionhaus Berlin on 22/23 February is an 18th century sampler 0f 1775 with a marvellous Adam & Eve at the base. It measures 52cm x 28 cm and is framed. The estimate: €80. Click here for more details.

Lot 591 is from Knowle Auction Rooms for their sale on 13 February and is a sampler worked by Elizabeth Dobson, dated 1770. It has some interesting pattern squares at the base. Measuring  25cm x 39cm it has an estimate of £60 - £80. Click here for more details.

Also at Knowle Auction Rooms on 13 February is Lot 592 an 18th century sampler which is described as depicting a saint, a crown and various stitch techniques, 27cm x 55cm.

Looking at the detail they provide, my guess would be that the figure represents Flora. The estimate for this work which, if it is from the same provenance as Lot 592 could have provided the pattern squares for the Lot 592 is £60 - £80. Click here for more details.

This 18th century band sampler is Lot 39 for auction by Peter Wilson on 20/21 February.  It measures 33cm x 18cm and is framed. Estimate: £60 - £80. Click here for more details.

Lot 4373 is also with Historia Auktionhaus of Berlin for sale on 22/23 February. This 19th century band sampler displays a number of patterns worked on net - work commonly known as Frivolity. It is 51 cm square and has an estimate of  €80. Click here for more details.

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