Saturday 23 February 2013

Congratulations Haslemere Educational Museum & New Chart Download

Many congratulations to Haslemere Educational Museum - I am so proud of you! Recently voted 2012 Sunday Telegraph Family Friendly Museums Award - the biggest award of its kind - (click here for more details) - Haslemere Educational Museum will also be celebrating its 125th anniversary this year. This demonstrates that a museum run for the benefit of the community, with the great support and love of that community commanded by all the staff and board, can be a great success. However, like all museums its finances are never going to be assured for ever. One way you can help is by purchasing copies of their sampler charts which will, we hope, bring you many hours of enjoyment. This latest sampler finished by Ann Healy in 1831 is now available as a PDF download. It has the most extraordinary text. Around the middle of the 18th century, the Earl of Derby commissioned an acquaintance to go to China in search of new learning. This gentleman described the Chinese interest in Tibet and the books of wisdom to be found there. A minister of the Chinese Emperor had been sent to Lhasa in Tibet where he had discovered a number of ancient texts which he translated into Chinese. In turn the Earl of Derby's friend translated some of the texts into English. Ann's quotation Woman is from one of them. You can read more by clicking here. To learn how to purchase this sampler, click here.

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