Thursday 7 February 2013

Another Museum Closes * National Museum of Costume, Scotland

If you thought things were tough, more is to come. A few days ago there was the sad news of the closure of the National Museum of Costume at Shambellie House, Dumfries. Gordon Rintoul, NMS director, said: The low number of visitors to the site along with the high operational costs is simply not sustainable. The museum attracts 10,000 visitors each year, and costs £220,000 per year to run. That is a running cost of £22 per visitor. Currently closed for the winter, it will not re-open for the spring season. The message is simple - use them or lose them. How are you working to support and increase the number of visitors to your local textile museum? Let's share some good and useful ideas.

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  1. Sorry to hear about this, guess everyting is effected by the poor economy worldwide.
    We put on a demo last year at our local county museum Taber Museume in Williamsport, Pa USA. Which houses a large collection of clothing, mostly from the Victorian Era. Some of us medieval reenactmors have some ideas to put up a display for the public. The garments are great resources of sewing from earlier periods. Hope not many more will have to close due to lack of interest and funds.