Wednesday 6 February 2013

Textile Decorations in Aix en Provence & A Fly Past!

This was the delightful festive sight that greeted us just after the New Year in the Cours Mirabeau of Aix en Provence. It brought the biggest of smiles to our faces! What a wonderful way to decorate those famous ancient plane trees.

Here you can see more of the polka-dot stretchy jersey-like cloth that swaddled the trees. Sad to say that many of these plane trees are doomed - there is a killer fungus at large for which there is no cure. But for now we could gaze at them and enjoy them.

Just a little bit later there was a release of red-balloons which we heard was to celebrate the start of Marseilles European City of Culture year. And just a little after that we were treated to a tricolour fly past by the French airforce. What a way to start a holiday!

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  1. wow so lovely. In Seattle,Washington and many towns in the USA have been decorating trees with many colors of knitted tree sweaters, much like what you saw. i love it, nature and art as one.