Saturday 26 May 2012

Museum Collections Sampler Tea Towel and Tapestry Mugs

Having meditated upon the sorry state of some samplers yesterday, I did wonder how many ended up at the bottom of the cloth chain for use to dry dishes.
Fortunately, this fate did not await Ann Buckett's 1656 sampler which is in fine fettle in the Metropolitan Museum. But you can buy a pair of linen teatowels with her sampler design for £9.99. Just click here for more details.

Although these are called tapestry mugs, the designs are straight off stitched Stuart panels of the mid 1600s in the V&A. The design above is called the Pear Tree Mug and costs £10.99 and the one below is Castle Mug and is also £10.99. You can also buy both of them for £20.99. Just click here for more details.


  1. Cool, love the pattern take right off the tapesty for the china. Wish more ceramic companies would do designs this, would make a nice revival of older motifs. Only seen these done in special sets or runs, nothing offered in an everyday store. I had cross stiched some tea towels when I was little and they held up pretty good, I am sure my mom still has them in her linen closet somewhere. Nice to get the pattern without making it. Very cool post.

  2. The V&A gift shop has wonderful things, doesn't it? I'd love to be able to travel over there in person every time I want to buy something but that isn't going to happen! :)

  3. Lovely tea towel!! I do love the V&A gift shop! I calculated the cost with shipping for the 2 towels and it came to $63.00 US! OUCH!! I guess I will have to do without them!