Monday, 7 May 2012

Giveaway Results

It's been a showery bank holiday here today - I was feeling rather sorry for all the people who had got together to organize village events. I so much admire those who are the glue of the community - it is not just all the hard and sometimes thankless work they put in to make fun and raise money, it is the fact that by their work, we far flung villagers stay in touch with all the others, find out who is well, not so well, who needs help, who needs a more regular gossip and so on. Now the book is complete, I can start to do my bit again too, something to look forward to - and a bit of sun, too! And before I forget, the winners of French lavender bag draw are: Karen from New Zealand and Tamara from the USA. Next time I have some rather special tea towels - probably ones you wouldn't use for washing up though!

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