Saturday, 12 May 2012

Love of Letters

My love of letters goes back way before I could read. When I has small I would run my finger around the carved words on chuch memorials - in the days when nobody bothered about such things. The feel of words and the form and pattern of words is as strong in me as their sound. I love letters carved in wood - they are particularly delicious if I can be allowed such synaesthesia! Words incised in copper or other metal, on the other hand, I experience like a dose of smelling salts - they are a quick and sudden jolt to the senses. Different type-faces have different sounds, too. We all know that upper case words are experienced as a shout in emails, don't we?
So, I love anything from a printer's shop. I love the Plantin Museum in Antwerp - and the printing museum in Tokyo is heaven! Perhaps you can see why I have fallen in love with these items from the Old Printing Shop.

The animal print blocks are perfect for letters.

They remind me of early children's books.

And these lovely wooden print cases must have a use for storing needlework treasures. You can purchase them all. Click here for more details.

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  1. I just want to say that you have a lovely blog here and that I've enjoyed reading a few posts (Lancashire casket - beautiful!).

    Wooden print cases have been so interesting to me since I was a child - each of their compartments looked like it would be keeping a secret magic world of its own :) .