Thursday 24 May 2012

Embroidered Jackets in the Museum of London

I know some of you were over in the UK not so long ago, on the terrific Jacket Tour. You will, no doubt have enjoyed seeing these two examples in the Museum of London.

However, if you were unable to make the trip, then here is your chance to see them with close-up details of the stitching.

It is very difficult to have a clear preference, though I like the graphic effect of this simple barberry design.

Here you can see how the design works at the detail level.

Not only are there the jackets - there is also a skirt which I think is just fabulous.

Look at this - I would love to stitch one to wear - it doesn't look difficult to execute once drawn.  Below you can see a tout ensemble with jacket and skirt. Top see these images and many more details of the embroidery close up, just click here to visit the Museum of London.


  1. Oh my! I so want to embroider an Elizabethan bodice jacket. There is a pattern that I have seen of pea pods on a jacket similar to the ones you have above. Does this ring a bell? Do you know of any resource that has this jacket? I believe it is currently in a museum collection in Nottingham, England. Not sure. Anyway, I am inspired.

  2. I love to embroider, but wow not sure if I would want to do that much blackwork embroidery. The complete outfit looks smashing though, would lots of time to make it all. The first photo of the jacket, the design looks so even I almost thought it was a printed. Though I knew better that this was embroidered, just stunning.

  3. As one of the stitches on this project, I must say it has been AMAZING! I did not join till the end, but have had a fabulous experience. All I can say now is Thanks for letting me stitch and whats next?