Saturday, 5 November 2011

Meetings With Remarkable Women - Mick Lindberg

I met Mick at the Textile Society Fair in Chelsea last month and was attracted immediately to the range of clothing she makes from antique French linens. Mostly shifts, this one below she had embroidered with the message Hope - always good to have about one. So, we started chatting about this and that.
Mick says her life at the moment is a bit like the autumn winds - she is all over the place. Her husband was invited to film the Masai...and she went along to design new staff uniforms. But since Mick is an up-cycler par excellence, it was what happened to the left over scraps of those staff uniforms when something magical took place. She worked with local Masai and Iraqw women and together they created a series of portraits - the Tloma Portraits - and in so doing created a sustainable income for a few local women.
On her return to London, she continued to make applique panels with remnants from a collection she made from Kanga cloths a few years ago. They all sold. Two went to a new hotel in Zanzibar, which pleased Mick no end, as most of the fabrics originally came from there. The other ones went to a dealer in Miami! To read more about Mick, click here.
This is just another story of a stitcher who by simple use of needle, thread and love of beauty, has changed the world a little and for the better. Maybe you have a story like this tell. Or maybe you have an idea for bringing good to the world with needle and thread and would like to share? I would love to hear from you. Just click the flying angel below.


  1. What a remarkable, creative lady! Thank you for introducing her to your readers.

  2. Thats my Aunt!!! :) She is a truly remarkable lady! <3

  3. Thats my aunt too! She´s the most wonderful, remarkable and creative woman I know! <3