Saturday, 19 November 2011

Fries Scheepvaart Museum

The Fries Scheepvaart Museum located in Sneek, just south of Leeuwarden in the Netherlands also has some very interesting samplers for you to see on-line. Click here to visit for yourself.The sampler above was worked by Jeltje Jans Holtrop between 1735 and 1760. This fine linen sampler was stitched in silk using cross stitch, backstitch, star stitch and satin stitch. The large intials I H either side of Adam and Eve are for Jelje Holtrop. Jeltje married Alberts Sybrand van der Sluis.
The sampler above was worked by Jeltje and Alberts daughter, Reinskje van der Sluis.
This linen sampler has open work seams and was again embroidered in silk. Centrally placed is a large a tree of life with the year 1837 and the big letters "PP". In the top right is also the year of 1832. Along the right side are stitched the names: Lolkema, Tierks Jantie Oosstra Liekkele Likles Pitter, Lolkema, Lolkema, Pietters Hieke Pieters Lolkema, Pieter Pieters and Lolkema Books Pieters Tier kien Lolkema Pieters.
This little sampler tells us only that it was made by someone with the intials MR.
Do investigate the zoom facility to see the stitching really close-up.


  1. It is great to see more and more museums beginning to put works online. Many of us will never get the chance to see collections in the real, and this is the next best thing. Personally, I think that sometimes it actually turns out better, particulary with the zoom factor which I love. Thanks very much for the link.

  2. A wonderful site J, lovely to see them detailed on the large screen, my Sunday is reserved :))
    Have a lovely day :)