Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Scheveningen Museum * Until 20 November 2011 * School Needlework to Needle Art

Erica also told me about this exhibition that is now on in Scheveningen in the Netherlands until 20th of next month - so do stop off and visit. It is a multi-faceted exhibition encompassing the useful and beautiful in stitching past and present. You will see various work pieces from Scheveningen schools outlining a picture of the development and history of needlecraft education in Scheveningen. In 1832 the Royal Sewing school was founded and located the municipal bath house. (No dirty hands here!) Poor girls and women could now make clothes and carry out repairs for themselves, and also earn money! This was needlework as a form of emancipation!
In addition, some 70 women, after an appeal, worked pieces including school samplers for display in the museum. To see is a six metre-long (that's 18 feet in real money!)Souvenir de ma Vie or pronkerolle stitched by Marcella who tells me that there are another six metres under construction. For more details click here.


  1. Do you think that's supposed to be a royal salmon in the illustration you use? And thank you so much for my prize - I shall let you know when it's here safely.

  2. It certainly looks very regal with its crown, doesn't it?