Monday, 7 November 2011

Free Draw - Cath Kidston Stitching Booklets

I first came across Cath Kidston over 10 years ago - initiated by, strange to say, a French friend of mine called Catherine. Together we would travel down to London from Cambridge to visit her shop - in the days when there was only one. Now, Cath Kidston shops are turning up everywhere in the UK and it is a sign of the times that the premises of a major bank on the Mrket Square in Cambridge is one huge Cath Kidston store.
What I admire about Cath is her ability to get the younger ones stitching again - making stitching their own. She has published a number of colourful stitching books recently which you may like to Google. These two booklets of 50 pages each with many simple, attractive projects actually started off their lives as give-aways by a major UK newspaper.
So, in the spirit of passing on the delight of a found object (my father always used to say that if you found a penny, you should pass a penny on) I am ready to pass these on to whoever wants to enter the draw for them. Just click on the flying angel below to enter and I'll announce the winner next week on 14 November 2011.
Good luck!


  1. What a lovely giveaway ...please add me to the draw -thank you :)

  2. I should learn to read things properly, instead of getting over-excited and just barging in!
    Off to click on the angel :)

  3. That's no problem, Sheila, it is easy to add in comments for the draw - thank you for taking time to participate.

  4. Hello Jacqueline.
    Today is not my day, I clicked on the angel expecting an email box to open up, and nothing obvious happened.
    But it is possible I have sent you 20 emails asking to be in the draw.... if so, apologies. Bring back slate and chalk!

  5. Sorry, the angel is not working for me this time, either. May I please be entered in this wonderful giveaway? Thank you.

  6. Fine embroidery, birdies very lovely