Sunday, 27 November 2011

Early Coifs in The Metropolitan Museum of Art Now On-Line

There are a number of fabulous coifs in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, of which 6 are dated around 1600.
This particular coif is dated 1600–1630 with an English provenance. It is worked on linen with silk and metal thread, spangles using satin, long-and-short, braid, buttonhole, and couching stitches. There is also an associated forehead cloth with it. It is a gift of Irwin Untermyer, 1964 and its accession Number is 64.101.1242.
Don't forget to zoom in on these items to see real up close detail.
The detailed stitching of the pomegranate on this coif is simply sumptious. Dated between 1575-1600, it is also English, worked on linen as before and is embroidered with linen and metal thread, spangles using drawn thread work, satin, chain, and needle-lace stitches. Another gift of Judge Irwin Untermyer, 1964, its accession Number is 64.101.1240.
Probably the simplest coif, this one is a great favourite of mine. It is probably German and could date from any time between 1400-1600 CE. I wish I could see more of the marking on the top of the coif. It was purchased with the Rogers Fund, 1908 and its accession Number is 08.194.1. To enjoy yourself, just click here.

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  1. Thankyou Jacqueline!

    Never seen that combination of metal work and pulled work before - fascinating!