Saturday, 12 November 2011

Groningen Museum, Netherlands Samplers and Quilts On-Line

The Groniger Museum is in the early stages of putting its sampelrs on line - there are 32 sampelrs, not including darning samplers. Groningen is right up on the northern coast of the Netherlands and is famous in particular for its black samplers. One distinguishing mark of Groningen samplers is the famous crowned G which can be found in the 3rd alphabet row in this sampler (see the detail below). Although not black, this particular sampler worked in red, yellow, green, blue, purple, red and brown, displays many of the well known features of the Gronigen area such as the flower pots and the two spies of the promised land. It was stitched in 1762 and 1763 by Arendina Bertling. She was baptized on February 25, 1750, and was the daughter of preacher and doctor of theology, Michael Bertling (1710-1772). Arendina married Hendrik Ludolf Wichers in 1771. At that time this region was ruled by the French and Hendrik was made a baron by Napoleon and later a jonkheer by King William I He ended his career as President-curator of the Groninger University. Arendina died on 22 February 1827 in Groningen.
Not much is known about this second sampler except that it was worked by Hinderika Tiddens in 1772. The best authority on the Groningen samplers is Hennie Stevan-Bathoorn of Museum voor Naaldkunst Winschoten, Groningen and her book Black samplers from Groningen including pattern 1826. €16,50 is heartily recommended. Click here for more details.
Also on-line are some lovely quilts like the ones below - do stop by and enjoy those also.
To visit the museum's textiles on-line, click here.


  1. I have tried following your link to the Dutch quilts but I keep going around in circles. How did you get there?

  2. Click on the Union Jack flag at the top right to bring up an English Language search - then type quilt into the search box - then click on Museacollectie on the following screen.

  3. Thank you - it worked, but though the pictures changed it seemed to be the same quilt? Very strange!