Monday 18 October 2010

Three Centuries of European Samplers - New Book

By Irina Hundt, this lovely new book on samplers is co-authored by one of my favourite people, Lorraine Mootz, who is well loved and respected by sampler enthusiasts on both sides of the Atlantic. The book has 190 pages and discusses 40 samplers from the 17th-19th centuries - and there are charts for 16 of them. It is bilingual in German and English. Christmas just came early, didn't it? To order from Amazon just click here.


  1. Looks fabulous J, will race to the bookshop.

    Your background is gorgeous.

  2. I was intrigued, and after struggling with the German website, (thank goodness for my Afrikaans) I ordered my "early Christmas present". Mind you with the speed of the South African post, I will be lucky if it arrives in time.Thanks J. Leslie-Ann