Sunday 31 October 2010

Samplers Winner

Thank you very much for all your kind and sympathetic messages - I am up and about and walking today, though I do resemble Julie Waters in that hilarious 'Two Soups' sketch - which if you have forgotten or don't know, can be found on YouTube:
So, a little later and a bit shakier than anticipated, I can announce that the winner of the Samplers book giveaway is Ruta from Lithuania. Congratulations, Ruta! Please send me your address so I can airmail the book to you. When I am feeling a bit more on top of things, I will share all the information you sent with you.
At the beginning of this book is an illustration from the German picture book - Curioser Spiegel which shows a number of girls undergoing instruction in needlework. Here we can plainly see the girl stitching bands on her sampler at a 90 degree orientation to her body that I have mentioned previously, but this is one of the better illustrations.

And here, if the girls were singing, would be a lovely representation of Shakespeare's Helena and Hermia from A Midsummer Night's Dream : How often, Hermia, have we two, sitting on one cushion, both singing one song, with our needles working the same flower, both on the same sampler wrought?

Just one last word about needlework in hospitals - there is a great falling off in this skill - I was glued back together!


  1. Congratulations to the winner - Ruta!!!
    Glad that you are felling much better.
    Take care,

  2. Gorgeous pictures! Hope you are feeling better soon- but take it easy for a few days- that's the fastest way to recover.

  3. So glad you're feeling better. BTW, I think I'd prefer the glue - I just can't imagine myself as the fabric being stitched! And congratulations to Ruta.

  4. Glad you are getting around even if it is being compared to the video. I was not fmiliar with the clip so I watched it. Hillarious to say the least.
    About the gluing, I hate to have to tell you that it is acutally better than stitches. It is better to help seal out potential infection due to the fact that the skin layer is sealed and you can bath immediately with this type of closure where you can't with suture. But your right, needlework is somewhat being phased out, it is still an art to perform in surgery.

  5. Glued together? They need stitching lessons!!
    I hope you're feeling much better after your op. Keyhole or not, it's still surgery, so go easy on yourself and take plenty of time to recover.

  6. A huge congratulations to Ruta, you lucky girl!!!

    And I do hope you're on the mend quickly. :( Thank you for taking the time to hold such a fun giveaway!


  7. congratulations Ruta and (((((gentle hugs)))))

  8. Congrats to Ruta! I hope you are doing better Jaqueline. Just don`t push yourself too hard!

    I had staples after my surgery...even worse than glue! *wink*

    ((hugs)) mj

  9. I have been catching up on my blog reading after a month in Florida. I'm not sure what surgery you've had but I hope you are fully recovered? As for this picture I had a framed copy of this in my office when I was working! I need to get it out and re-hang it as it's such a lovely picture.