Saturday 23 October 2010

Needleprint Giveaway - Anyone Can Enter

It has been a little while since we had a free draw when anyone could enter - so here we are. The giveaway (which includes airmail postage to wherever you live) is the seminal book Samplers by Donald King of the V&A in London. And it is the First Edition of 1960. It includes 89 good b&w images of samplers in the V&A collection and every sampler lover should have a copy.
So anyone can enter. Simply email me the answers to these 4 questions by next Saturday:
1. The name of your nearest museum with textiles.
2. Does this museum charge an admission fee?
3. Who owns the textiles in the museum?
4. Who pays for the museum's textile conservation?


  1. What a wonderful giveaway! Living in Nebraska, one would mostly find quilted textiles, as opposed to embroidery. (My theory is bc of the cold weather - women chose to quilt rather than adorn!) Here are the answers to the 4 questions, to the best of my knowledge:
    1. The University of Nebraska International Quilt Study Center and Museum (the largest public collection in the world!)
    2. The admission fee is $6.
    3. I believe the university owns the textiles (some including costumes) bc they are stored there and rotated out.
    4. The conservation is paid for (unsure if in part or wholly?) by membership fees, which range from $40 - $250.

    Thank you again! How exciting!

  2. And you can certainly leave your answers as a comment here - they will all be entered in the draw. Thank you for your thoughtful reply Paulette - Good Luck with the draw!

  3. The Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts is at Old Salem in Wintson-Salem, NC. They house various collections which include textiles such as samplers from the 17th century. It has been several years since I've been there. They have a good website. Tickets are $10 for Mesda only but more to see this preserved town. They have a membership that helps with conservation. Dues range from $35-500 yearly.

  4. 1. The National Museum of Finland
    2. Yes, Adults 7,00 euros, under 18 free.
    3. I quess the museum?
    4. They self? Don't have any idea...

  5. Your responses will be very helpful for us to put together some sort of world wide picture. If you don't know the answers exactly, it might be interesting to send a quick email or telephone call to find out.

  6. 1. The name of your nearest museum with textiles.

    Museo del traje at Madrid (Spain)

    2. Does this museum charge an admission fee?

    Admission is fee

    3. Who owns the textiles in the museum?

    Spanish Ministry of Culture

    4. Who pays for the museum's textile conservation?

    Spanish Ministry of Culture

    My name is: Inmaculada Sepulveda (Spain)

    Congrastulations for your blog It's wonderfull

  7. Beautiful book, Jacqueline! Of course I had to look on Amazon to see if they had any used copies, which they do.
    1. Asian Art Museum in San Francisco
    2. Admission fee is $10 for non-members. Free for members. Last time I was a member it was $65 a year.
    3. They usually own the collections they show, but not always.
    4. Conservation is paid through membership fees and donations.

  8. 1.Museu Nacional Machado de Castro /National Museum Machado de Castro
    (they have others collections)
    2.Two euros, some days is free, others prices.
    3.The museum, University of Coimbra, Ministry of Culture of Portugal.
    4.Donations,taxpayer's money, purchase replicas and publications in the shop.

    (I will send to you a email)

  9. My closest museum with textiles is the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney. To my best knowledge the answers to your question are:-
    2. The admission charge is
    $10 for Adults;
    children 4-15 $5 and children under 4 free
    pensioners $6
    students $5
    Family groups $25
    3. The museum owns most of their collection, but not always. They often have special exhibitions.
    4. Conservation is paid for from donations, taxpayers money and purchases for the shop.

    Wonderful post Jacqueline. I always enjoy paying a visit to your blog. I learn so much. Thank you - Sandra.

  10. 1) Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery in Hobart
    2) Free Admission
    3) The museum
    4) The museum, which is funded by the Tasmanian State Government

    There are eight textile pieces documented in detail on their website with high resolution photos and a zoom function. I found the biographical information very interesting

  11. 1. The nearest museum which has textiles is the Gwynedd Museum and Art Gallery in Bangor, North Wales - about 25 miles away.
    2. admission is still free.
    3. I believe the museum owns the collection, which means it's owned by the Local Authority.
    4. There is a Friends of the Museum charity group which raises funds, but I imagine that it may well receive some funding - possibly through the Local Authority, the Welsh Assembly or Cadw.
    On another note, there is also a Quaker Museum in Dolgellau, about 80 miles away, which I haven't yet visited. It tells the story of the persecution of the Quakers who emigrated to Pennsylvania.

  12. 1. Art galery of Mykolas Zilinskas (department of Mikalojus Konstantinas Čurlionis National Art Museum) in Kaunas, Lithuania. It has a permanent exposition of textile.
    2. On any regular day fee is 6Lt (~2 US dollars). On wednesdays everybody can enter the museum for free.
    3. Ministry of Culture of Lithuania
    4. Government tuition and donations. Also income from souvenir shop and special events (like jazz concerts in the museum).

    Lovely giveaway!
    Cheers, Ruta (Lithuania)

  13. Thank you for this awesome giveaway!
    1.To the best of my knowledge, the closest textile museum to me is the Textile Museum of Canada.
    2. It is not free admission. They charge $15.00 for general admission.
    3. It would seem that the museum owns the permanent collection (but of course not the visiting collections)
    4. This is a not-for-profit museum and is supported with the help of members, donors, foundations, corporations and government agencies.

    Thank you for asking this question. I did not even know that there is a textile museum so close to me, and now I just have to visit it!

  14. We have a few museum in Singapore, some of the exhibits are permanent, some
    changes after some months and depending on the theme. I do remember some
    textiles among some exhibits, though not a lot.
    1. The name of your nearest museum with textiles. The National Museum of
    Singapore and the Peranakan Museum.
    2. Does this museum charge an admission fee? There are some free exhibitions,
    but there are usual charges, and many schemes of admission fees, ranging from a
    less than S$10 to S$10 plus. On occassions, there will be free admission.
    3. Who owns the textiles in the museum? Some are private collections donated or
    on loan for the exhibitions, but I guess most are owned by the government.
    4. Who pays for the museum's textile conservation? I'm not sure, but there should be grants from the government.

  15. Thank you for all you responses - just to let you know that they have all been included in the draw for Saturday.

  16. 1. The name of your nearest museum with textiles.
    LSU Textile & Costume Museum

    2. Does this museum charge an admission fee?

    3. Who owns the textiles in the museum?
    It is on the Louisiana State University Campus and is part of their program:
    LSU Textile & Costume Museum
    140 Human Ecology Building
    LSU School of Human Ecology

    4. Who pays for the museum's textile conservation?
    I know they have membership drives and fees, I am guessing they are helped via the school or from the state

    Friends membership (please indicate type of membership)
    $1000 or more Patron
    $500 to $999 Benefactor
    $250 to $499 Sponsor
    $100 to $249 Sustainer
    $50 to $99 Partner
    $25 to $49 Contributor

    Thank you for this give away! I never even knew we had a textile museum near us! I learned a lot today, thanks to You! :)

  17. 1. The museum i visit (textile) is montacute house near Yeovil, Dorset, which is close to my parents home.
    2. The entry is free to National Trust members but approx £9-15
    3. The samplers from the Goodhart collection which where donated to the N.T
    4. Conservation/Restoration - funded by the National Trust