Friday 22 October 2010

Agnete Wuldern Madsen - Can Anyone Help?

We really enjoy helping you with your stitching queries - we try our best here and often we can track down what you are looking for. But this request from Debbie has us stumped. Debbie sent a page from Woman's Day dated November 1962. (Sadly, I can't say this was before my time - I think we had glasses like these at home!) But what is more important than those glasses is that fabulous table cloth by Danish designer Agnete Wuldern  - later to become Agnete Wuldern Madsen.
Although we have tracked down books of Drawn Thread work by Agnete, we could find no other reference to help Debbie find this pattern which she would like to work. And I am rather thinking it might be something I would stitch when I have finished all my WIPs. Above, you can see the full design. If you can help in anyway we would be very grateful.
On the same page as the tablecloth are designs by another famous Danish designer - Gerda Bengtsson. Click here to download the page.


  1. Wow - this is lovely - but as it is described as available stamped on fine linen, I'd bet there's no other kind of pattern that was ever available. You might have to scour antique shops to find an unworked copy...


  2. is very pretty.
    maybe you can ask by email to the Society of Authors of the country.
    hope it helps you.

  3. This is so weird because I have that magazine and was just searching for the same thing myself. I have the drawn thread book, but cannot find any other publications. I tend to agree with Julie and Becky that this may never have been available as a pattern, but just as stamped goods.

    As a last resort I am thinking of scanning the illustration at a very high resolution, tile printing it the correct size (53 1/2" x 75 1/2"), and then using it to draw a new pattern.

    I'll let you know if I find anything, or if my pattern idea actually works.