Sunday 3 October 2010

A New Giveaway. Thank You Again, Gisela! & Thank You Eva Maria Leszner!

When I first strted looking at European sampler books, Eva Maria Leszner quickly became a firm favourite with me - she has authored a number of very important and informative books. Though many of her works have been in German, some have been translated into English and other languages, such as her work on Assisi Embroidery. She also charted a number of sampler motifs for her diaries and here, thanks to Gisela, again, is a chance to own one of those wonderful, very rare diaries from 1984. Although aged, it has not been written it and is a rare item. It contains images of three full Vierlande samplers plus 25 charted designs for you to work throughout the year. Eva's diary will go with the two copies of Norddeutsche Stickmuster aus Vierlanden for the grand draw at the end of November for purchasers of the Needleprint Vierlande II Library with 11 Mini Samplers.
All purchasers of the Vierlande II Library will be automatically entered in the draw. If you have not yet purchased this item, you can click to look at it here now. It is available with bonus files for Cross Stitch Designer and MacStitch.


  1. I did the top sampler several yrs ago. That was quite the project but one I'm proud of. There are only 2 colors and I changed them just slightly. I'm glad I did.-------Bonnie