Thursday 26 November 2009

Thanksgiving Day - Power of Hands

Happy Holiday! It is good to be amongst family at home on this special day. If some of you are missing company today, I am here all day. Just click on the angel to email me and I will be there with you for a chatter about what you will. I am aware there are many people in floods of Cumbria - almost our second home - who will not have cosy homes this holiday season, and others too around the world, some still suffering the after-effects of the Boxing Day Tsunami of 2004. A foundation - The Power of Hands - has been set up to help Tsumai survivors. The vision of Power of Hands Foundation is to provide impoverished female craft workers, with facilities and training, to help them out of the poverty and to become self sufficient. At the same time, dying traditional crafts and skills will be preserved for generations to come. If you are able to buy some of their crafts, that would be helpful. I saw some examples in a museum shop while travelling last week and they are lovely and not expensive.
"And be as the needle which enters not to stay but to make way for a thread of uniting love." Thomas Combert 1676.

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  1. Beautiful quote - and thanks for the info on The Power of Hands.